Let Us Maximize the Window of Dividend Demographic in Africa by Okonkwo Collins 

The decision of today will determine our tomorrow, over the years, African countries have experienced Governance, but were has it taken us to? 

In my research it a recycled policies and same set of persons parambulating around leadership and Governance, same has falling into the category of Old brigade leadership, the young people needs to rise up and get involved in the center stage of decision making, why it becomes necessary for the young people to rise up to responsibility and taking action is simply with specific reference to the theme of the African Heads of states meeting which took place from 22nd -31 January 2017 at the Africa Union Commission AUC Addis Ababa « Harnessing The Demographic dividend Through Investment in Youth », if we must get it right on the theme, we must stratify our priorities by engaging the Government, stakeholders and the leadership of the AU.

Africa is on the match towards a more Prosperous future in which all its citizens, young, old, male, female, rural, urban, of all Creed’s and backgrounds are empowered to realize thier full potential, live with satisfaction and pride about thier continent, a future with healthy, well educated people living in roburst and developed economies indeed is a progressive March towards the « African We Want » as envisioned in the Agenda 2063.

However, with reference to the theme, « The Demographic dividend is a window of opportunity in Africa that needs to be maximized, the time is now, let the young people take the strategic decisions and actions necessary to reap the Demographic dividend Through greater investment and policy implementation.

For inclusion and engagement towards realization of the Agenda 2063 via the theme of this year, the young people must be united as a common front to combat every challenge that may seem our hindrance in any way, we must demonstrate our readiness beyond rhetorics to action, we must be determined to greatness irrespective of our barriers, lets get involved now, take decisions and getting results!!

Viva to all African Revolutionaries!!!!

Comrade Okonkwo Collins 

Head/Policy Expert and Advisor to African Youth Union Commission AYUC


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