It is time to invest in Youth by Okonkwo Collins

With over 60% of Africa’s population currently is occupied by the the young people looking at the Demographic statistics, it is no surprise that at the dawn of implementation of the both Agenda 2063  » African We Want »  and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, African Heads of State and Government have devoted this year 2017 to « Harnessing the Demographic Dividend Through Investment in Youth ».
In my views, the Young people have the task of pursuing this theme of the year with specific reference to achieving the envisioned Agenda 2063 specifically.
We must stratify our core objectives of the theme from Harnessing the Demographic Dividend Through Investment in Youth from Theoretical statement to Practical action vis-avis breaking it into structures for easier achievement, this is dependent on our approach to extent  which we are able to develop the road  map with specific key objectives on this areas;
1) Quality,  Functional Education and Skill Development.
2)Health and Well-being of the citizens,
3) Empowerment as well as employment and entrepreneurship which lies at the heart of this March towards progress, sustainable peace and development e.t.c.
In my analysis from the future, I highlighted the significant role that successive generations of youth can and should play in our Continent’s development.
Key investment in the youth of Africa today is critical to actualization of Agenda 2063 and  elevating Africa to be strong and influential global player.
The roadmap sets out the immediate actions for focused and expanded investments in Africa’s youngest men and women.
I hope this road map is developed at the request of African Union Heads of State and Government to further highlight the key and actions that must be taken so that the continent can harness the Demographic Dividend.
It is my believe that the Youths at the country, sub-region and the at the continental levels including Government and civil society organizations and all organs rally together to implement this agenda which will strengthen the African Union Commission policies as road map to the African We Want.
Viva to all African Youth Revolutionaries!!!!

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