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Governance and Youth Empowerment!!!

Africa’s youth account For more than 60℅ of the continents population.
This is a huge resource if adequately harnessed for ensuring meaningful participation, representation and observance of human rights on the continent.
However, the challenge remains the limited participation of this huge resource in formal political processes and insufficient enjoyment of their rights.
This challenge often leads to disenfranchisement and frustrations which if not adequately addresses threatens social cohesion, peace and security of the society to expand thier capabilities..
Harnessing the Demographic Dividend on the continent requires investments in ensuring participatory, representative and inclusive political processes as well as responsive state institutions.
The young people must be involved in local, national and regional policy implementation in addition to socio-political attitude changes are capable of providing the foundation door unleashing the creative potentials of an increasingly educated and ensuring greater access For young people to effectively engage and participate in local Government, legislatures, Judiciary and political parties will significantly accelerate the attainment of the goals of the African Union agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030 respectively.
In laying the foundation for harnessing the Demographic Dividend and propelling transformative development of AU Member states, investments must be made in continuously opening the political space, upholding rights, ensuring participatory Governance and empowering African Youth.
In accelerating the implementation of these commitments, the young people need to engage the leadership of the African Union commission AUC, Government, and policy institutions needed to harness the Demographic Dividend for the attainment of the agenda 2063 and the 2030 sustainable development goals.
The keys and Deliverable Plan of actions requires the following strategic engagement;
1) Ensuring the universal ratification, domestication and full implementation of all Union sheared Values instruments including the African Youth Charter (AYC) and the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) by all member state of the African Union by the end of 2017.
2) Eliminate barriers to active participation of youth in nation building including in political spaces and put in place mechanism to facilitate thier meaningful participation in political parties, Parliaments, judiciary, cabinets, and civil service structure of member states..
3) Remove all discriminatory laws and limitation to full participation of youth people in electoral process through inclusive electoral laws and Constitutions for which Foster’s effective diversity management. #NotToYoungToRun
4) strengthen independent youth formations Networks and organizations including establishment of independent youth commission’s at national and sub-regional levels to champion youth activities.
5) strengthen AU’s institutional structure and delivery capacity for youth empowerment and development through the elevation of the youth division to a Directorate.
6) Appoint an AU special Envoy on youth to lead Advocacy and champion the prioritization of youth issues within continental and other decision making spaces.
7) Ensure the implementation of various decisions of AU Assembly of Heads of States on youth leadership and participation in decision making processes, in this vein, efforts must be put in place to establish an annual Youth Parliament and a model African Union assembly at the continental level.
In order to achieve this, and making it the African we want, the youth must continue to unite, organize and engage through active participation, getting involved, taking decisions and getting results.
Remember « No Future For Us Without Us »
Viva All Youth Revolutionaries!!!!
Okonkwo Collins

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20 Strong messages from the Southern Africa Youth Consultation : #DGTrends


Southern Africa Youth Consultation on Project 2016 – African Year of Human Rights with a particular focus on the rights of women, under the theme Promoting Young People’s Rights Towards the Attainment of Agenda 2063


  1. Assess the state of play in the promotion and protection of economic, social and cultural as well as political and civil rights that accrue to young people;
  2.  Provide a platform for sharing of experiences and insights towards advancing the enjoyment, respect and protection of young people’s rights;
    Strengthen the capacity of youth-led and oriented organisations on the African human rights system;
  3. Aggregate youth inputs into the proposed 10 Year Human Rights Strategy for Africa as well as other mechanisms such as the AGA Human Rights and Transitional Justice Cluster programmes;
  4. Establish regional learning platforms and networks as an ongoing knowledge sharing and peer mentoring platform for promoting human rights in Africa.


a. Young people’s knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the African Union human rights system enhanced;
b. Youth’s contributions to the strategic components of the AU’s 10 Year Human Rights Strategy generated and incorporated through action plans from the regional youth consultations;
c. Regional youth knowledge sharing and exchange networks created for ongoing strengthening of youth-led and oriented human rights organisations.
d. Background:
The African Union’s African Governance Architecture (AGA) – Youth Engagement Strategy focused on elevating African youth voices on issues that highly affect their present as well as their future. As this year commemorates the “African Year of Human Rights with particular focus on the Rights of Women” it is important to give these issues high ground as they are the centre piece for the respect and protection of fundamental human rights in the continent.

Find below some powerful messages from  the Southern Africa Regional Consultation:

  • There is conflict betw/ power & ideas in youth spaces. Those who have ideas, don’t have power.Those who have power, have no ideas #DGTrends
  • An unimplemented human rights norm can’t change a chauvinist to a democrat. Norms must translate to practice – @TamukaKagoro77 #DGTrends
  • Youth is not a measure of consciousness. There are young people with archaic & outdated thinking – @TamukaKagoro77 #DGTrends
  • How do we transform the State apparatus responsible for the implementation of norms & standards – People, Systems, Space #DGTrends
  • Protection and promotion of human rights cannot be left to the goodwill of those in power. Youth must organize, push & demand #DGtrends
  • Many human rights are economically driven. Therefore we cannot fully enjoy these rights fully without financial emancipation #DGTrends
  • « How can the youth be a part of and lead the election process? Those are questions we need to be asking. » – Amb. Salah #DGTrends
  • « We lose about $50 billion. This is money we need to build and develop our continent. We need to curb the illicit financial flow » #DGTrends
  • 70 million youth are unemployed in Africa and have a huge gap of representation in leadership structures. @shammad100 #DGTrends @AUC_DPA
  • « We have the largest group of young people. However millions of them are unemployed and there is minimal political representation » #DGTrends
  • There is need to strengthen the capacity of the @_AfricanUnion as a continental institution to facilitate unity. –@shammad100 #DGTrends
  • Africa has leadership deficits &lack of political wil 2 invest in its youthful majority #NamibiaNYC #DGTrends @AUC_DPA @NDI @AUYouthProgram
  • You either take the baton and run or you get out of the way for others who want to run – Rakeb Abate #DGTrends
  • Any development policy that is crafted should include the perspective of the youth – NDI’s Rakeb Abate #DGTrends
  • Pour garantir à temps durable l’inclusion de la jeunesse, ns devons approfondir les instruments de la démocratie participative #DGTrends
  • Socio-economic empowerment of young people is the way to all around youth development – Ndamanomhata #DGTrends
  • Nous croyons que parfois vous devez créer vos opportunités afin d’être invité dans la cour politique pour y occuper vos sièges #DGTrends
  • Equality +fair labour laws +protection of minorities +deepening accountability provide base for Namibia prosperity – Ndamanomhata #DGTrends
  • The Namibia National Development Plan puts young people at the center of development – inclusive growth – Ndamanomhata #DGTrends
  •  »Goal of the #DGTrends consultations is to provide a collaborative, open & inclusive spacefor young people »

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